Lain (GR)

Hamlet of Lain, community of Vaz/Obervaz, Canton of Grisons. Roman-Catholic church of St Lucius (Filialkirche Son Leza), built 1678-81 as part of the Capuchin mission of Rhaetia, consecrated 1685; restored 1961-62 and 1993-95 (exterior). Richly painStted stuccoed nave and choir, including scenes of saints’ lives and emblems.

Nave walls with eighteen frescoed emblems: nos. I.1-8 below the moulding in elaborately painted frames including names of donors; nos. I.9-18 in the wall arches above the moulding, flanking the windows. Clockwise from entrance.
II.1-5: Transverse arch between nave and choir with five emblems in stucco frames with Latin mottoes.
III.1-2: High altar of St Lucius: two emblems at the base of the altar columns, signed and dated 1690.

Authorship, Date
Artist unknown, c. 1680; except nos. III.1-2, signed and dated Hilarius Sigron, 1690. Possibly designed by Bernardo da Morone OFMCap, who served as priest in the parish of Obervaz from 1672-1708.

Glorification of St Lucius, St Florinus and St Catherine, the martyrs and patron saints of the church.

All taken from Picinelli 1669.

Kdm GR 2: 300-308; KF 2: 105-06; Graf 1974: 155, 164; Sonder 1998: 44-47; Batz 2004: 131-33; Oberli 2021: 193-94.

Copyright note: Added 2015, updated 2020. All photos taken by the author, July 2012, October 2013 and October 2019. Layout plan reproduced from Kdm GR 2: 302.

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